Soul Juice Circle

Nature is our greatest teacher. It shows us the path to wholeness and balance. One of the most powerful ways to align ourselves with nature is through our diet.

How Good Could You Feel? Let's Explore What's Possible...

Welcome to Soul Juice Circle, our signature membership experience designed to help you deeply replenish you, connect with soul-nourishing people, and align with a community rooted in using nature to nurture.  Whether you're beginning your journey towards better health or simply looking for an exciting new way to fill your body with vitality, the Soul Juice Circle will lay the foundation for a healthier and more vibrant life!

"Our mission here at the Soul Juice Circle is to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your mind, body, and soul as well as live a more joyful and fulfilling life."

Kerie-Ann Lawrence - Soul Juice Genie

Soul Nurturing Community

You'll be part of a community of like-minded individuals passionate about each other's growth and discovering the inner truths that will guide you on your journey to wholeness. 


Are you ready to nourish your soul and connect with other like-minded individuals in our monthly virtual and/or in person soulcials? You'll have exclusive access to resources to help you live your best life. 

Soul Juice

By making juicing a regular part of your routine, you can experience improved health and vitality. Let's discover the transformative power of fresh, organic, nutrient-dense juices

Are you tired of settling for?

  • Lack of energy: Leaving you feeling drained, fatigued, and making it difficult for you to keep up with your busy schedule.

  • Poor eating habits: Feeling like you don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals, leading to a diet that is high in processed foods and low in nutrients.

  • Weight gain: Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle leading to weight gain, which can contribute to feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

  • Digestive issues: Stress, lack of sleep, mixed with caffeine and sugary snacks leading to digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, and acid reflux.

  • Hormonal imbalances: Feeling like you are on a seesaw with mood swings, irregular periods, poor-quality sleep, weight fluctuations, skin problems, and more.

The Divine Exchange is waiting for you...

The Truth is...

  • You can have the life of your dreams fully resourced with better energy, more clarity, and better sleep. 

  • You can disconnect from foods that no longer serve you by partnering with nature and using more fruits, veggies, nuts, & seeds to redesign your plate.

  • You can awaken your ability to make healthier food choices and nourish your body from the inside out.

  • You can dial into what makes you thrive. Prioritize you, slow down, and set boundaries so you can look, feel, & live well...naturally. 

  • You can step into your light and reclaim your body. Lighten your load, listen your body's whispers, and take aligned action.

  • You can release old patterns that hold you back, open up to limitless potential, and tune into your essence.

  • You can choose to expand your curiosity, explore what's possible, and  heal from the inside sip at a time, one drink at a time, and one community connection at a time.

 Juicing provides a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for optimal health and vitality. Here are some of the benefits of juicing:

  • Boosts immunity and supports healthy aging

  • Reduces inflammation and promotes healing

  • Increases energy and mental clarity

  • Improves digestion and gut health

  • Enhances skin health and appearance

  • Supports healthy weight loss

  • Reduces the risk of chronic disease

Take a Look at What's Possible...

Peek Inside the Soul Juice Circle

Soul Juice Journey

Get ready to feel refreshed, vibrant, and alive as you embark on a journey toward radiant health and vitality. Today, you are letting go of what is holding you back. You are embracing the possibilities of tomorrow. You are nourishing your soul.

Women's Circle 

Let's gather together with intention and focus on nourishing the whole YOU! What nourishes you is your medicine. When you take the time to soul-nourish yourself, you are better able to show up for others in a way that is soulful and nurturing.

Connection Soulcials

We've created a space where you can connect and rediscover the joy of nourishing whole foods, and find the support and guidance you need to create lasting, sustainable wellness habits. We'll have virtual and/or in person Soul Juice Parties.

Delicious Recipes

The Soul Juice Journey is centered around fresh, organic, and nutrient dense juices that are designed to nourish the body at a cellular level. With every sip, you move closer to living in your fullest potential. 

Seasonal Cleanses

You'll have access to join in on seasonal cleanses designed to help you release toxins, reset your system, and reconnect with your inner wisdom. A journey on being more intentional with how you support your temple.

Culinary Experience

You'll discover the joy of creating colorful and flavorful dishes using nature's freshest ingredients. You'll have access to live demos on how to prepare plant-based meals that are both delicious and nutrient dense.

Soul Juice Journey to Success

Phase 1

Soul Juice Newbies

This is the starting level for those who are new to juicing. As a newbie, you will learn the basics of juicing, including the equipment needed, the different types of fruits and vegetables you can juice, and how to create simple but tasty juice blends. This level will help you to become comfortable with juicing, tune in to what makes you thrive, and set the foundation for your journey.

Phase 2

Soul Juice Gypsies

As a Gypsy, you will have some experience with juicing and be ready to take your skills to the next level. This level focuses on more advanced techniques, such as combining different fruits and vegetables to create unique flavors, using herbs and spices to enhance the taste, and experimenting with different types of juicing equipment. You will also learn how to make juice with specific health benefits in mind, such as detoxifying or boosting your immune system.

Phase 3

Soul Juice Boho

At the Boho level, you will have a solid foundation in juicing and be ready to dive deeper into the art of creating healthy and delicious drinks. You will learn how to balance different flavors and textures, create juices that are visually appealing, and incorporate superfoods into your recipes. You will also gain an understanding of the nutritional benefits of different fruits and vegetables and how to create juices that target specific health issues. You are now resourced with the tools needed to join in on our seasonal soul juice cleanses.  

Phase 4

Soul Juice Wayfarer

As a Wayfarer, you will have a high level of expertise in juicing and be ready to explore new techniques and ingredients. This level focuses on creating complex juice blends that incorporate unusual fruits and vegetables, experimenting with fermentation, sprouting,  rawlicious snacks, and eating more plant-based foods. You will also learn how to tailor your recipes to different dietary needs and create the lifestyle you desire.

Phase 5

Soul Juice Allstars

At the Allstars level, you will be a master of juicing, with a deep understanding of the science behind it and the ability to create innovative and unique juice blends. You will be able to create juices that are not only delicious but also aesthetically pleasing and have a wide range of health benefits. You will have awakened your ability to make healthier choices, connected more with nature, and expanded your curiosity. As an Allstar, you will also have the knowledge and skills to teach others about juicing and inspire them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

"When we surrender to the possibilities, we open ourselves up to limitless potential."

Hey Soul Juicers

I am Kerie-Ann Lawrence, Nurse Practitioner, Plant-Based Food Enthusiast, and the Soul Juice Genie - your guide to unlocking the healing powers of nature and connecting with your essence with every sip. As your Soul Juice Genie, my mission is to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your soul and live a more joyful, fulfilling life.

We all deserve to be healthy and happy no matter what life throws at us.  That's why I'm here for you. Whether you are looking to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, heal from within, or simply add some soulful inspiration to your daily routine, the Soul Juice Genie has the perfect juice for you. With her guidance, you'll learn how to tune into your body's needs, embrace your inner wisdom, an tap into the boundless energy of nature. 

So what are you waiting for? You are the creator of your own health. You get to choose what your lifestyle looks like. Join the Soul Juice Circle movement today and experience the magic of the Soul Juice Genie.

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